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Project Handling

Factory relocation is never a simple project. It always is stressful and involves a lot of unforeseeable difficulties regarding time, money, equipment, manpower and other miscellaneous activities. A detailed execution plan and an experienced local management team are the keys to help client-based organisers to smoothly overcome all the complex barriers during the relocation process.

VVMV JSC has a team of skills, experienced professionals who can locally support our clients to carry out the operation plan like a clockwork. From a single 500kg machine moving across Ho Chi Minh City to a migration of multiple container load project into Vietnam, we understand our clients expectation and know how to get the job done smoothly according to the plan and budget.

We offer complete factory removal, packaging/unpackaging, machinery position services along with transportation.

We are proud to be a companion to many big names on the market during their relocation and settle down phase in Vietnam.